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The New York Times, August 30, 1861


Under this head an article appears in the London Spectator, of Aug. 17, which is of especial interest, as the journal in which it appears is well known to be American property and under American inspiration. It has a prominent place among the articles on the leading topics of the day, which forms a conspicuous and valuable feature of the Spectator, and will be read with interest by men of all hues in politics on this side of the Atlantic;

Just before the descent of LOPEZ on Cuba, the American papers were full of allusions to an association called the Order of the Lone Star, said to be organized for the purpose of conquering Cuba and Nicaragua. M. SOULE was said to be its President, and the appointment of that individual as Minister to Madrid was regarded by the Court of Spain, as a wilful discourtesy. LOPEZ himself belonged to the society, and it was from the ranks of the Order that WALKER obtained his most ardent recruits. After the failure of WALKER’s first expedition, the rumors of the society died away, and though its members, under the quaint title of “Precipitators,” were supposed to be active in the work of disunion, the society itself, as such, ceased to play any prominent part. The more violent members, however, saw in it a power which might be effectively used, and on the first symptom of the predominance of the Free-Soilers, they organized a new association, under the name of the Knights of the Golden Circle, with new and better defined objects, and an obligation of secrecy. The secret of the Order, however, has been betrayed during the intestine strife raised by disunion in Kentucky, and the revelation exposes a plot which, for audacity, ability and wickedness, has rarely been surpassed in the long history of conspiracy.

The object of the Order may be briefly stated. It is nothing less than to raise an army of 16,000 men for the conquest of Mexico, and the establishment in that vast Territory of a strongly organized monarchy, resting on a basis of slave institutions. The precise mode of accomplishing this object has already been settled. As soon as the internal warfare is over, all members of the Order, under their secret leaders, are to repair to Guanajuato, with the Governor of which province of Mexico, MICHAEL DOBLADO, the Order has concluded a formal treaty. By the provisions of this precious document the Governor is to add 16,000 men of his own, and the entire army is to march forward under his command to the permanent subjugation of the country. Means are found from the revenues of the province, and its State property is “mortgagad” for the payment of the soldiery, at one-eighth above the American rates.

To secure the necessary cohesion, the Order has been organized after this fashion. Every applicant for admission is first sworn to secrecy under the penalty of death, and then the design of the Order is revealed. If he assents to its propriety, and is, moreover, an American born, and a slaveowner, or can produce proof that he is imbued with Southern sentiments, and is a Protestant, he is admitted as a soldier of the Order, and informed of its signs, pass-words, and organization. On the recommendation of the chiefs of the Order he is admitted to the second degree, informed that the stores and ammunition for the Army are collected at Monterey, and acquainted with the names of the officers to whom he is to look for pay. He is also supposed to be on active service, and the President has, we perceive, summoned all Kentuckian members to attend a rendezvous, where they will be drilled and organized by regular instructors, and whence they are, for the present, to control the Kentucky elections in favor of Southern men. If influential enough, he is next admitted to the third degree, the council of the Order, which under the Presidency of Mr. GEORGE BICKLEY, the future monarch, regulates the affairs of the Order, without communication, except through GEORGE BICKLEY, to the other degrees. He swears in this degree to obtain all the neophytes he can, to support his colleagues the Knights of the Columbian Star in all efforts for office, to conquer Mexico and “Southernize” its institutions; to drive all free negroes into Mexico, there to be enslaved, and to reduce the peon population of Mexico to slavery, dividing them as chattels among the members of the Order, and to recognize for the present monarchical institutions, as tending to strong government. Moreover, after the conquest of Mexico, he is to contend for the exclusion of every Roman Catholic from office and from the priesthood, and to support a system of passports enforced by the penalty of death. He again swears to a scheme of government which, from its utter want of resemblance to any American idea, we give entire:

13. The successor to GEORGE BICKLEY must be over thirty years of age, of Southern birth, liberally educated, Knight of the Columbian Star, sound of body and mind, and married, and Protestant. He shall swear to carry out this policy, and to extend Slavery over the whole of Central America if in his power. He shall try to acquire Cuba and control the Gulf of Mexico. No one else will I sustain. But for such a one, who must be proposed by the Cabinet Ministers and elected by all Knights of the Star, or a majority of them, I will sustain here, there, or elsewhere. When the Knights cross the Rio Grande, I will do all I can to send in recruits for the Army, and if I should ever cease to be an active worker for the Star, I will keep secret what I know of the real character of the organization, and I promise never to confer this degree in any other way than in the way I have here received it, and I will forward to GEORGE BICKLEY, or to the Governor-General of this State, the name and fees of every candidate whom I shall initiate as Governor. In witness, I do voluntarily, here and in these presence, sign my name and address.”

He is then informed that Mexico can provide any amount of means, that funds to the extent of a million of dollars are lying at Matamoras, and two millions more at Monterey; that the Governor of Guanajuato is rapidly organizing his province for the reception of the Order, and that the march of the invading Army will commence on the 6th of October, 1861.

It reads, all this, rather like a dream of some mad slaveholder than a grave and definite project, which, nevertheless, we believe it to be. The Order is already powerful in the South, the alliance with the Governor is sufficiently probable, and the whole plan is strictly in accordance with the views known to be entertained by the most prominent slaveholders. Nor is the execution of the plan so difficult as to create any prima facie suspicion of falsehood. The South is full of men without slaves, with no place in society, and hungry for profitable adventure. They have been accustomed for years to regard the immense republic to their south, with its vast territory, its real and imaginary wealth, its disorganized government, and powerless white population, as a certain and easy prey. The successful annexation of Texas is a proof of what may be accomplished by a few unscrupulous and resolute men, and the laws of the Order tend directly to secure effective cohesion among its members. Quarreling and seduction are absolutely forbidden, every member is responsible for the orphans of those who fall, and societies released from the law are apt to protect themselves by somewhat effective guarantees for their own extra-legal code. The Order has men at command, so numerous that they are said to be objects of terror in Kentucky, Missouri and Arkansas, and the bribe offered is of stupendous magnitude. It is nothing less than to bestow on 16,000 men a body of slaves equal to the whole slave population of the South, and slaves, too, more easily controlled than the negro race. To men thirsting for ownership, and convinced that Slavery is lawful, the temptation must be almost irresistible, more especially as every American overratesthe case with which Mexico might be subdued. The pure Spaniards and the landed proprietors, utterly weary of anarchy, would probably bail a strong Government of any sort, while the native and quadroon population have never been able to resist the hated and dreaded “North.” Of the awful increase of human misery which would follow the conquest it is unnecessary to speak. Slavery, as it exists, is bad enough, but the deliberate addition of 3,750,000 people and their children forever to the ranks of a slave population, is a crime from which the imagination itself recoils. It seems from its very magnitude impossible. CORTEZ, however, conquered these people with far inferior means, and there is no evidence that the Mexican peon of to-day is better able to resist a rifleman than his ancestor was to defeat CORTEZ’s heavy armed cavalry. The only element of effective resistance would be the religious fanaticism the laws of the Order are so well adapted to arouse. These laws, however were obviously intended to serve only a tem porary purpose, the exclusion of Catholics being rendered essential by their friendly feeling for Mexico. A priest informed of the design in the confessional would be certain to put the Mexicans on their guard, perhaps cause the arrest of the Governor who is so coolly selling his country. Mexico once conquered, the necessity for the restriction would disappear, and though one of the laws of the Order, an obligation to dissolve all monasteries and open all convents, seems dectated by a real religious dislike, it is difficult to believe that it would endure in spite of the political advantage of tolerance. The whole scheme may be unreal, and the Knights of the Golden Circle as little disposed to fulfill their promises as Masons are to preserve the obligation of Christian brotherhood. But it must not be forgotten that this whatever the truth as to this society, is one of the designs of the South, and that the plan, which thus boldy stated seems incredibly atrocious is part of the permanent policy of the Government which has just won its first battle in front of Manassas Gap. The design, we fear, if the North succumbs, is at once as possible of execution as it is remorselessly wicked in concention.




April 14, 2014

A year from today, on April 14, 2015, we will mark the 150th anniversary of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln at the hands of actor John Wilkes Booth (Lincoln died the next morning). Conventional wisdom has held that Booth and a small group of thuggish accomplices committed this heinous act (and the attempt to kill Secretary of State William H. Seward) alone. But evidence is slowly emerging that the “decapitation” plot and its execution came at the behest of a much larger, more organized cabal, the Knights of the Golden Circle. Few Americans have ever heard of the KGC, the subversive Confederate underground that operated with paramilitary cells in both the North and South. To point a finger at them now sounds like a conspiracy theory. But, the fact is, the U.S. government — specifically the War Department’s office of the Judge Advocate General — itself had been hot on the heels of the KGC during the war, and every captured “conspirator” in the Lincoln assassination trials was questioned intensively by the Bureau of Military Justice about involvement in the secret society. So why did the KGC fall off the radar screen? There are no easy answers, but a bigger truth is worth exploring: Was Booth a hired gun, a paid assassin, a passionate card-holding member of the “terrorist,” well-financed KGC that put him up to the task? The answer is a qualified “yes.” Yes, Booth almost certainly was a member of the KGC, inducted via its Baltimore “castle,” or secret lodge, at the beginning of the war. And yes, Booth was almost certainly put up to the assassination by the sub-rosa organization’s higher-ups (some of whom may have been “insiders” within the Lincoln administration itself). When dealing with the machinations of a secret society whose members were sworn to blood oaths of silence, coming up with incontrovertible “conclusive” evidence is near impossible. My years of research in co-writing an investigative book on the KGC, “Rebel Gold,” and the independent research undertaken by author David C. Keehn in his recently published book, “Knights of the Golden Circle,” have revealed a tantalizing trail of evidence for the KSG’s role in the assassination. As disclosed in “Rebel Gold,” the KGC did not fade away after the defeats at Gettysburg and Vicksburg, as established history would have us believe, but rather went underground and prepared, through the secret hoarding of treasure and munitions, for a potential second Civil War, the expansion of a slave empire into South and Central America, and the elimination of the South’s most formidable foe — Abraham Lincoln. How chilling is it that an anonymous author, in publishing his “Authentic Exposition of the KGC, Knights of the Golden Circle,” in 1861, had this to say: “Members of the Inner Temple of the Knights of the Golden Circle are to be scattered all through Missouri, Kentucky, Virginia and Maryland, for the purpose of harassing and injuring the friends and soldiers of the Union in every way they can. If they can use poison successfully, they will do it, . . . if they can, by false statements, so direct the movements of the United States troops as to cause them loss or defeat, they will do that. . . . But one thing above all others, some of them is to distinguish himself for — if he can, that is — the assassination of the ‘Abolition’ President.” To be sure, Lincoln was warned of the dire threat to the nation posed by the KGC in various letters. Yet, he never bothered to ramp-up his personal security detail while prosecuting the war to a successful conclusion in that fateful spring of 1865. Here are some established markers that point to the KGC: •Michael O’Laughlen, a childhood friend of Booth from Baltimore and one of the eight co-conspirators on trial for the assassination, confessed to his membership in the KGC. •Col. Henry Burnett, the officer put in charge of the assassination investigation, discovered at the outset of the probe “the footprints of the old Order of the Knights of the Golden Circle crossing my paths in all directions . . . [T]here is reason to believe that many, if not all, the persons connected with the late assassination of the President were members.” •Booth traveled to and from Montreal, where high-ranking KGC officials operated and dispensed funds for covert operations in gold and cash. •The KGC also was planning Booth’s escape across the Potomac into Virginia. Perhaps the Confederate secret service and even Confederate President Jefferson Davis were behind the plot. The KGC, if it provided the hidden hand and gold financing, would provide plausible deniability to Davis. There is much more to investigate and explore, such as the role, if any, played by Vice President Andrew Johnson of Tennessee, as we approach this important milestone in U.S. history. Warren Getler, a former reporter for The Wall Street Journal, The International Herald Tribune and Bloomberg News, is co-author of “Rebel Gold: One Man’s Quest to Crack the Code: Behind the Secret Treasure of the Confederacy” (Simon & Schuster, 2003).

From “DeadMan’s Hunt: The search for John Wilkes Booth”

Excerpt: “After the assassination, a trunk owned by Booth was located. In the trunk were coded messages and symbols that were used by the Knights of the Golden Circle. Most of the messages have been de-coded by modern researchers and they tell us that these strange symbols tied Booth to the murder of President Lincoln and the KGC.”

The Knights of the Golden Circle and their importance to Arkansas History



The Knights of the Golden Circle over the past few years have become an explored topic of military history that people are curious about. For most people when the the KGC is brought up the idea of treasure is not far behind. The K.G.C ‘s defintion is not as cut and dry as what encyclopedia’s have made them sound. refers to the K.G.C as being a “secret order of Southern sympathizers in the North during the Civil War.” No doubt exist that their were men tht were operatng in the North to do to harm to the Union.

The next few articles this week will examine the K.G.C. The articles this week will also attempt to answer the question as to whether or not the K.G.C. were using the Fort Smith, Arkansas and surronding areas to the South as places to leave money for what was the eventual plan of starting another Civil War. Recently, the History Channel performed a look over the K.G.C. that studied the question as to whether or not their is buried treasure throughout the former Confederacy. Names that have been linked to the K.G.C. will also have their own articles and it will be examined whether those men had key roles in attempting to store money so that the South could rise again. The names such as Albert Pike, Jesse James, and Frank James are worthy of study because their is simply too much smoke for their not to be a fire and evidence of those men having taken part in some K.G.C. activity.

The Knights of the Golden Circle are a group that did their best to not be found and remain hidden but over time evidence of their existence has come out. A large number of people think that their code has been cracked in how and where they hid their money for starting a new military and government to go against the Federal system that was put into place. The question as to whether or not John Wilkes Booth was a member will also be studied and examined this week. The articles that are written over the next few days are not just going to apply on a local Fort Smith front but will also expand a bit to both theaters of the Civil War in the West and the East. The people that love conspiracy and military history should enjoy the next week or so greatly. To the folks that are skeptical of the K.G.C we will both go on an interesting ride.

For more information on the Knights of the Golden Circle:

The Knights of the Golden Circle Research and Historical Archives

JON PRESCO and the Knights of the Golden Circle

Ten days ago I was invited to join a yahoogroup that discusses the Knights of the Golden Circle. When I did, and read about this pro-slavery group of terrorists, I wondered why I had been invited. Was this a case of mistaken identity? The person that invited me had joined my secessionist group that I founded in November of 2004 where the North secedes from the Union due to our Government being taken over by Evangelical Zionists – who want the Temple rebuilt on the Mount in Jerusalem so as to fulfill their Biblical Prophecy. This is fact, not fiction hatched by Dan Brown.
To make it easier for my reader to follow these facts, see them through the eyes of my racist brother, who would be a great candidate for any revision of the KGC, and even though he hates religion, he would be all for the rebuilding of the Jerusalem Temple if it put black people back in chains, and liberals out of power – for good. Then there is my brother-in-law, Garth Benton, I wondering if he is a secret member of some Masonic-like organization. His great grandfather saved Albert Pikes Libary and was the Grand Master of the Iowa Lodge.

What is truly astounding, it appears John Fremont, and the Jessie Scouts, were the main adversaries of the KGC who hated the Radical Republicans who played a big role in the reconstruction of the South.
The investigation of Alvin Green may reveal the covert involvement of neo-Confederate Secessionists who are in affect Body Snatchers, they replacing real Democratic Candidates with Dead Ringers that are not pro-Republcian, but, sub-par black candidates. This is aimed at disrupting the Democratic power structure in South Carolina. To do this and at the same time support pro-Israeli groups, borders on subversion.

In early 1862, the Order was in the national headlines when Radical Republicans in the Senate, aided by Secretary of State William H. Seward, suggested that former president Franklin Pierce, who was greatly critical of the Lincoln administration’s war policies, was an active member of the Knights of the Golden Circle. Pierce, writing an angry letter to Seward, denied that he knew anything about the Knights of the Golden Circle, and then demanded that his letter be made public, which it subsequently was by California Senator Milton Latham, who entered the entire Pierce-Seward correspondence, which tended to exonerate the former president, into the Congressional Globe.

The Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC) was a secret society originally founded to promote the interests of the Southern United States. It was to prepare the way for annexation of a golden circle of territories in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean to be included in the United States as slave states. Most members were recruited in the Southwest, in Texas, New Mexico Territory and California.[citation needed] During the American Civil War, some Southern sympathizers in the Northern states such as Ohio and Indiana and Iowa, were accused of belonging to the Knights of the Golden Circle. By 1863, numerous citizens and active politicians in areas bordering the north of the Ohio River were members or were in similar organizations influenced by it.[citation needed]

The association was founded by George W. L. Bickley, a Virginia-born doctor, editor, and “adventurer” who lived in Cincinnati. He organized the first castle, or local branch, in Cincinnati in 1854 and soon took the order to the South, where it was well received. It grew slowly until 1859 and reached its height in 1860.

Following the Mexican-American War of 1846, the group’s original goal was to provide a force to colonize the northern part of Mexico and the West Indies. This would extend pro-slavery interests. The Knights became especially active in Texas. Bickley’s main goal was the annexation of Mexico. Hounded by creditors, he left Cincinnati in the late 1850s and traveled through the East and South promoting an expedition to seize Mexico to establish a new territory for slavery. He found his greatest support in Texas. In a short time, he organized thirty-two chapters there.
In the spring of 1860, the group made the first of two attempts to invade Mexico from Texas. A small band reached the Rio Grande but failed otherwise
It is time for the Blue States to secede from the neo-Confederate theocratic rule of evangelico extremists. Karl Rove and the evangelicos have been working behind the scenes to destroy the two party system and turn our Democracy into a one party nation controlled by Christian fanatics. The Christian Coalition has been working in the South turning Democratic Southern States into Republican States reminding them that they were Democrats in opposition to the Republican Party founded by John Fremont as an anti-slavery party. Fremont wrote the first emancipation of the slaves of Missouri forcing Lincoln’s hand. The Evangelicos invented fraudulent moral values and issues in order to to counter the Civil Rights movement in America, and relieve Southerners of their guilt. At the same time the fundamentalists were promoting White and Christian supremacy. Katherine Yurica says this about this Dominion Theocracy that has captured America;Most Americans were completely unaware of the militantagenda being preached on a daily basis across the breadth and widthof America. Although it was called “Christianity” it can barely berecognized as Christian. It in fact was and is a wolf parading insheep’s clothing: It was and is a political scheme to take over thegovernment of the United States and then turn that government intoan aggressor nation that will forcibly establish the United Statesas the ruling empire of the twenty-first century. It is subversive,seditious, secretive, and dangerous.[9]Dominionism “seeks to replace democracy with a theocratic elite that would govern by imposing their interpretation of `Biblical Law.’” He described the ulterior motive of Dominionism is to eliminate “.labor unions, civil rights laws, and public schools.” Clarkson then describes thecreation of new classes of citizens:

No Conspiracy…Just plain facts of Networking toward Globalization, One World GovernmentTUESDAY, JUNE 1, 2010

Excerpt: “The reasons leading to this civil war were almost completely due to the actions and provocations of ROTHSCHILD AGENTS. One of those troublemakers was GEORGE BICKLEY, who had founded the “KNIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN CIRCLE”. The House of Rothschild then had Bickley and his knights extol the disadvantages of the Union for the Confederate States. In the remaining Union states the Rothschilds had J.P. Morgan and August Belmont praise the advantages of the Union.

The Knights of the Golden Circle

On April 22, 1973, the Los Angeles Herald Examiner publisheda report by Del Schrader under the headline “$100 billion inTreasure, the search for Rebel Gold.” The story covered hisinterviews with several sons, grandsons, and great-grandsons oflong-dead members of the KGC.Schrader, now deceased, said he was shown several maps of KGCcaches. However, one of the decendents stated, “They won’t doanybody much good. The maps are accurate as far as they go, butyou’d need the two or three transparent overlays, which each fillin a landmark, for the specifics. In most cases, a vital pointof reference is carved on a nearby rock.”Another old-timer offered, “Quantrill and Jesse James (bothnotorious guerillas), along with 10 other members of the InnerCircle, vowed they would beg, borrow, or steal gold so that CivilWar II, if it ever came, could be fought on a cash and carrybasis… many former Confederate officers headed west, profitedand tithed up to 50% of their annual incomes.”The original Knights of the Golden Circle formally disbanded theorganization and closed its books in 1916, but their descendantsstill maintain the vows of secrecy and silence taken by the oldConfederate veterans. This new generation, however, has vouchedthat the old veterans stashed away money and other treasure inmany states in the Union, and even in some Canadian provinces.They claim too, that most of these caches are booby trapped.It was on the eve of the Civil War. Washington was rampant withwar hysteria as the nation tottered on the abyss of the approachingconflict. To add to the increasing tension, the Capitol had beeninfiltrated by a wave of Confederate spies. Indeed, the Confederacy began the war with an espionage system and highly efficient, with tentacles reaching into secretareas of the Federal Department. Often the Rebels knew what theYankees were going to do almost as soon as the decision wasreached — and long before Union troops began to move.
One of the most energetic and efficient of these espionage ringswas a well organized secret society, the KNIGHTS OF THE GOLDENCIRCLE, (KGC), which had both Northern and Southern Branches, closely cooperating with each other. During the Civil War the KGC not only acted as the secret agents and fomenters of civil disorder in the North, but it’s members were smugglers of medical supplies,recruits, arms, uniforms and ammunition. After Gen. Robert E. Lee’s surrender at Appomattox, the organization went underground and assumed a completely new mission– the raising of funds to start a new Civil War, promoting the idea of “The South Will Rise Again!”
The Knights went about their new mission with little regard for the legal principles. Therewere many stories that the KGC amassed millions of dollars worth of gold, silver, and currency which is allegedly stashed in numerous caches around the United States. In 1984 document were found in a Antebellum home in Savannah Georgia, pertaining to a gold shipment buried by the KGC just before the city was invaded by Union troops. This was said to be gold transported from Texas. Perhaps you are wondering just how the Knights of the Golden Circle came into being and what happened to this organization in later years. The middle of the last century was a spawning ground for numerous secret societies of every description, with many persons holding simultaneous memberships in several organizations. Entering the scene in 1859, with his founding of the Knights of the Golden Circle, was George W.L. Bickley. His intentional aims for the secret society were to Americanize and ultimately annex Mexico, to settle the slavery question in favor of the South, and to promote his own fame and fortune.

What of the widespread secret society which Bickley had founded?
It continued to live on in several forms. Toward the end of the Civil War, many of its members transferred their allegiance to another organization, the Order of American Knights, which in turn evolved into the Sons of Liberty — both of the latter dying from acute inertia at the end of the war. However, a hard-core group of die-hard Confederates preserved what remained of the Knights of the Golden Circle when the shooting stopped. During the great conflict, the society raised funds for the Confederate cause by both legal and illegal means — considering Yankee banks, businesses and stagecoaches to be fair game for robbery. These men rationalized that their cause was only temporarily lost. As a consequence, they were determined to continue raising funds, by any and all means. This Inner Circle claimed such stalwarts as Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, Jesse James, Gen. Bud Dalton, Prof. B.E. Bedeczek, Gen. J.O. Shelby and others.
Reports have it that following Lee’s surrender, the KGC amassed millions of dollars in gold, silver, and currency, awaiting the call to again bear arms — a call which never came. As a result, these caches which reportedly remained unfound and untouched. Supposedly, many of these caches were booby trapped and could still be lethal for the unwary. Sometime after the war the secret KGC established headquarters in an old building on Fatherland Street in Nashville Tennessee. Reportedly, the old building stood where the “Grand Ole Opry” got its start. About 1884 the headquarters were moved to Colorado Springs. Verifying the old Confederates’ tales of clandestine treasure hoards becomes very difficult when one realizes the KGC officially closed its books and disbanded in 1916.
In addition, through deaths and failing memories of the elderly Knights caused the locations of many caches to be lost in the maze of history, forthe relied upon memory rather than written records for identifyingtheir stashes. Speaking of Nashville, a rich KGC trove was supposedly hidden under an “ordinary looking mountain” somewhere off the old Nashville Pike. Allegedly, $600 million was stored there in a vault, in 1870. Later, more gold was said to have been added to this hoard. We have also heard tales of a KGC treasure having been secreted about 11 miles from Nashville. These two reports, however, maypertain to the same cache.

New York TimesAugust 2, 1864
The Indianapolis Journal publishes a series of documents, occupying no less than fourteen columns, exposing an organization known as the “Sons of Liberty,” which is alleged to be in existence in that State. It seems to be substantially identical with the “Order of American Knights,” regarding which we have already published a full statement from the St. Louis Democrat. The most interesting of the documents published by the Journal is the following: HEADQUARTERS DISTRICT OF INDIANA, NORTHERN DEPARTMENT, INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., June28, 1864.GOVERNOR: In compliance with your request, I place in your hands a partial outline of the nature, work and extent of a disloyal society or order, now operating in the State of Indiana, under the name of “Sons of Liberty.”1. It is both civil and military.
In its first relation it declares principles of ethics and politics, for adoption and dissemination, that are hostile to the Government of the United States. In the latter relation it assumes to organize armies for “actual service” in support of those principles, treating the United States Government as their enemy, and that of the rebellion as their friend.2. It is secret and oath-bound.3. It is despotic and absolute. The penalties of disobedience to its officers are unlimited, including the death penalty itself.1. Absolute, inherent State Sovereignty.2. The Union of the States as but voluntary and temporary, and revocable at the will of any individual State, so far as concerns that State.3. Denies the General Government the power to enforce its laws, and, if it bethe choice of a State, to reject them.4. Recognizes the existing rebellion as legitimate, legal and just.5. Holds revolution against the present Government not only right, but a duty.6. Holds obligations to the order as paramount, to those due a single State, orthe United States.7. Declares its purpose to stop this war, treat with rebels, and make a treatybased upon the recognition of grades of civilization and race.8. Declares a law of races, one of Caucasian supremacy, and one of Africanservitude.9. Pledges a crusade in favor of all peoples attempting to establish newgovernments of their own choice, as against existing rulers or authorities.10. Accepts the creed of the rebellion, its logic, its plans and its principles,as the nominal theory of democracy, and its own bond of coherence and ultimatesuccess.Exhibits are furnished as follows:Exhibt A. “Constitution of Supreme Council of the States,” that is, of allStates that may join, recognizing the primary independence of each State. “TheSupreme Commander of this Council is Commander-in-Chief of all military forcesbelonging to the order, in the various states, when called into actual service.”– See sec. 8.


Guesses about the $10 million whodunnit don’t just focus on outlaws.

March 1, 2014

Excerpt: “Equally colorful is outlaw Jesse James, and historical writer Warren Getler thinks there is a possibility he had a hand in the Saddle Ridge treasure.
Getler says in his book “Rebel Gold” that James ran for years with a secret gang called the Knights of the Golden Circle that existed during the Civil War and afterward into at least the late 1800s.
The gang buried hundreds of millions of dollars in gold bars and coins all over the United States — including in Northern California — in its effort to restart the Southern rebellion, Getler said.
Indeed, the Knights pulled off a well-documented stagecoach robbery of mostly silver 10 miles east of Placerville in 1864 at a spot called Bullion Bend.
“The KGC left caches of gold all over the West, and I’m telling you, this find fits the mold of a KGC cache,” Getler said.”

Read more here:



From “Jesse James and the Lost Cause”

by Jesse Lee James, published  by Pageant Press, New York, 1961.

Excerpt:  (Near St. Clair, Texas) “…It was right there, at this spot, that we  decided then and there we would join the secret military police  system of the old Southland. That organization was the original Klu- Klux-Klan. Some of us were already members of The Knights of the  Golden Circle. A brand new idea came into being, since our faithful  Negro cooks and camp tenders had helped us without fear. We elected  to include into the Klu-Klux-Klan as many trusted Negroes as we could  gather around us, so believe it or not, in time we had enlisted and trained nearly twenty thousand Negro KKK’s into our police system, so  they, the Negroes, could police and supervise their own race of  people, thus freeing us for the more dangerous and critical details  in dealing with the renegade whites, and those lousy Carpetbaggers.”

The Knights of the Golden Circle Research and Historical Archives


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